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April 2019 Prez Sez

All good things must come to an end, and so this is my last Prez Sez.  At the April meeting, I will be turning over the presidency to other chapter members who have a fresh outlook and can get the chapter moving forward. 

I appreciate all the support I have received from the Chapter over the years.  In fact, it was the specific intervention of Dick Domroski some years ago that encouraged me to continue on as President.  Otherwise, the Chapter would have foundered back then.  And a couple of years ago, Bill Cox wanted out of the Treasurer office, which he had held for many years.  But he told me he would not abandon the Chapter over it.  How can you quit with people like that around you?

We are at the cusp of starting relationships with a couple of environmentally sensitive groups, one tied to Edgewater and another to Volusia County.  You can look them up at and search for Edgewater Environmental Alliance and Dream Green Volusia.  The Edgewater group is doing periodic canal clean-ups as well as IRL spoil island clean-ups in the city.  Dream Green Volusia is trying to clean-up single-use plastics and styrofoam from restaurants and stores, which eventually get into the canals, rivers and the oceans to the detriment of marine life as well as humans.

Suzanne Scheiber, head of Dream Green Volusia, got off to a good start with a comprehensive article outlining the problem of single-use plastics during a “state of the river” boat tour on March 30. Check out the article in the Hometown News here. 

There are exciting times coming for the chapter in the future.  Please be a part of the future of the Chapter.